Episode 10: Mabuhay! A Conversation with Congressman TJ Cox

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I’m chuffed to be chatting with Congressman TJ Cox, who is part of the historic wave of Democrats who retook the US House of Representatives in November 2018. TJ is progressive and passionate about healthcare for all, immigrants' rights and diversity. He is also the first Filipino American to be elected from California to the House of Representatives. We love him because he knows the district he represents. District 21, in the California’s Central Valley, is the country’s largest producer of milk, but it is also the largest producer of meth. TJ understands the challenges, but he is also laser-focused on helping his constituents seize the opportunities in biotechnology and agriculture that will transform their health and prosperity.

We talk about the people of District 21. We talk about the need to grow the economy and bring healthcare to all. We talk about the impact of public charge on the health of immigrants in the USA. We talk about standing strong with our sisters and brothers in the trans community. We talk about the need for the Senate to approve the House Bill to meet the USA’s commitment to the replenishment of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. We talk about TJ’s grandmother opening the first social club in Manila for African American servicemen. And, we talk about Kevin Costner (because… well, you will just have to listen to find out why).

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